New Product Express | Automatic Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM3000

July 03,2020 Zybio Product


EXM3000the new coming automatic nucleic acid isolation system, matched with Zybio's nucleic acid extraction kit, which can be widely used in scientific research, clinical diagnosis, disease control, food safety, forensic science and other fields. It can quickly extract nucleic acids from different samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swabs, secretions, exfoliated cells, urine, sputum, feces, FFPE tissue, etc. It has a high nucleic acid extraction rate, ensuring high sensitivity detection of nucleic acids. The nucleic acid extraction of 32 samples can be completed in 9 minutes, which significantly shortens the whole PCR detection time.



Complete pre-processing solutions for molecular diagnostics: Zybio's nucleic acid extraction kit series can be used for nucleic acid extraction of different types of samples, and the extraction products can also meet the needs of various molecular experiments.