Product / Marketing Executive


Job Responsibilities:

1 Responsible for the corresponding product line pre-sales support and market information support.

2 Responsible for the company's promotional materials and product information collation and optimization.

3 Undertake market, industry information collection, summary, analysis, feedback, comparative analysis of competitors.

4 According to clinical needs, find out product selling points and advantages, involved in the development of product positioning and market demand for marketing strategy.

5 Responsible for collecting and evaluating product improvement and new product development proposals, to participate in the company's product improvement and new product development input and review.

6 Responsible for the promotion of international promotional platform and advertising, including websites, magazines, advertising, promotion, etc.

Job Requirements:

1 Clinical examination related majors, bachelor degree or above, with experience in the hospital laboratory is preferred.

2 Two years relevant work experience.

3 Good communication in English as well as read and write.

4 Good at communication and coordination, and have a good sense of teamwork.

5 A strong sense of responsibility and customer service awareness, self-confidence and generous.

6 Hard-working, self-discipline, excellent academic qualifications and self-motivation.

7 Strong anti-stress ability, and adapt to business travel and work under time difference.

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